Discover the testimonials and references of those who already entrusted me with their professional and family events.

“I met Alex during a training about decision-making using neuroscience. We kept in touch and I offered him to speak in front of my team of district managers.

The goal was to help the group become aware of the many cognitive biases we are all victims of daily. Then to share tools to detect those biases before setting up simple and efficient actions limiting their effects.


Through a magical performance, Alex captivated the audience and helped my team develop new skills on this theme so important to managers.

Finally, I took advantage of Alex Si first book publication, ‘Cerveau Menteur ! Déjouez les pièges de la prise de décision’ by Diateino Editions, to offer a copy to each of my staff member, thus deepening further the topic and making better decisions.”

“ ‘A good balance of fun and seriousness’

That is the general feeling after Alex's positive and interesting workshop.

Alex is professional and manages to quickly set a positive atmosphere from the very start.

The mixing of neuroscience and psychology theory with practice through exercises made the workshop relevant for everyone in the team.”

“A twist of fate that started a wonderful conversation, this is how I would describe the beginning of our relationship...

Even if we learned our brain can trick us, a good search engine optimization made sure Alex could present some of those tricks.

Alex performed a ‘connection’ show between a moment of leisure and the dinner of our team-building with teams of young and enthusiastic people.

That was a challenge: juggling between the extraordinary side of magic with the complex notions of cognitive biases.

Alex masterfully organized everything in a very short amount of time. He was extremely available and professional. He adjusted every detail so that his performance occurred in the best conditions possible.

The individual touch when he visited tables only just increased the feeling of magic, the disbelief, and the curiosity of the teams.

That was a great time, thank you!”

“ ‘What a great event!’

‘That was super cool !’

These are the kind of comments I received from my colleagues after the virtual party that Alex hosted for our company.

Alex is professional, dedicated, and puts a lot of attention to details.

Thanks to him, it was a successful party that helped our global teams to connect.”

“To celebrate the year-end at DMC, we invited Alex Si to create an on-line fun event with all DMC colleagues.

Being very interactive and pro-active, this resulted in an evening of fun, filled with surprises and lots of laughter.

My colleague and I highly recommend this and looking forward to future collaboration with Alex Si!”

“The webinar given by Alex was super interesting from beginning to end.

Thanks to the highlighting of cognitive biases that our brain is subjected to, we were able to understand what are the pitfalls to avoid in decision making.

Essential concepts for any business that wants to be successful and disruptive!”

“For our company party, we wanted a fun activity with a touch of magic. Alex brought us this moment of magic!

I especially liked the level of professionalism Alex had when answering our request.

If we should have only one regret, it would be that this magic time flew by too quickly. Thank you Alex and your partners!”

“Alex was the icing on the cake of our 50th anniversary celebration. Humor, creativity, tricks, illusions, originality... In few words: a surprising MAGIC performance.

A great person behind a professional magician. Thanks for helping us in making our evening a success!

See you soon Alex!”

“I really appreciated working with Alex Si, he is highly professional and proactive!

This might seems strange, but as an organizer, I often need to ask multiple times about photos, bios and other details.

I also had beautiful feedbacks on his performance, because Alex mixed a keynote speech and a show in a way that is simple to understand, and yet very captivating!

I can only highly recommend Alex Si!”

“Thank you Alex Si for the great performance you gave at our workshop.

You kept us entertained and showed us a memorable example on how to keep the audience on their feet.

The work you put into your craft has made you a natural at giving such performances, it's like you were born for it!”

“An original, surprising and fun experience for a Christmas event organized at our office.

Alex Si knows how to adapt, he's attentive to our needs, and his performance is simply magical!

Very careful about every detail, he surprised us with his professionalism, his punctuality, and his discretion. His performances, like the variety of his tricks, were liked a lot by all the participants. A big thank you from the whole team!”

“I worked with Alex for a Networking Dinner and Awards Ceremony I was organising with an international guest list. From the very start, he was completely focused on making sure the event was a success and that he would be able to give the guests the best experience possible.

I would highly recommend Alex as a magician, entertainer and problem-solver.”

“I invited Alex to be part of TEDxVilvoorde at a time when, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, I had to redesign the event to an online experience.

I needed someone that could not only bring a level of entertainment in-between the TEDx talks, but also fit it in the 'What the future?!' theme.

Alex not only delivered to what I needed; he excelled in the task.

With his experience as a speaker, speaker coach, and event host, he knew exactly what I needed and delivered two theme based shows; he came fully prepared to the recording studio and delivered it as a professional.

His shows fit like magic in-between the talks, not only by content but also by connecting what came before and after his part.

Feedback from the participants was unanimously positive. Alex knew how to captivate and engage with the audience through the lens of the camera and make them wonder.

Thank you Alex, you came highly recommended and I will not hesitate to ask you again, or to recommend you myself.”

“We have had the pleasure to organize a mind-blowing webinar on decision making with Alex.

This event was much more than just learning about the cognitive biases interfering in our decision making. It was a funny and fascinating presentation.

As of the first moment of the presentation Alex captivated the attention of the audience and transported us in his world.

Alex uses his magician skills to approach the cognitive biases by experience, which makes learning appealing. We spent one hour out of time and out of confinement.

This presentation has had a long term impact on the way we approach different situations when it comes on decision making.

Thank you Alex 😊

“Everyone was impressed. Magic at the service of human relationships!

The goal of the evening was to connect customers, suppliers, prospects and friends in a into one same dynamic; Alex greatly helped us in doing that. Add to this a flawless preparation in order to adapt his performances to the venue, the participants and the timing. Thank you!”

“Thank you for having been one of TEDxUCLouvain 2018 faces, and for having brought all your professionalism, from magic and from others!”

“Thank you for the impressive performance, it was magical!

It was inspiring, entertaining and at the same time you give very practical tips & tricks for an effective online presentation, the total package.

Would love to hear your backstory someday btw :)”

“Alex, your involvement was extremely useful to us, your follow-up and your interest both made us very happy.

Thank you for all this and looking forward to see you again.”

“Alex made an enjoyable evening a fantastic one with a mix of magic and humour at our international Gala Dinner.

Well received by all.”

“Thanks to Alex we created the best event possible! Sharing a memorable experience with all the participants of our training. Alex led us on an intense and inspirational journey through his magical world. He played with our senses and imagination, bringing us energy, delight and true wonder! In addition to his various performances and performance-talk, Alex also helped us design the event, taking our needs and wishes into account. This, is MAGIC!”

“Alex, with his friend Christos Kritikos, allowed us to brilliantly launch our team event. They used their large skill set to help us disconnect from work, and to throw us into the pleasure of being together.

Alex was of great help in both preparing and designing the event. He suggested several options so that we could create together the best event possible.”

“We spent a wonderful evening with Alex, composed of surprising magic and lectures about the tricks played by our brain!

Participants loved the combination between magic shows and the lecture-show. Alex was able to loosen up the atmosphere by putting our participants at ease through a small group exercise, breaking up from the working day routine.

The last magic trick at the end of the lecture was flabbergasting.

Alex also offered strong suggestions when assisting me for the evening organization. He was always available to discuss about the event before it took place.”