Magic, mentalism, and neuroscience to grow your skills.

Alex Si is a unique magician.


In addition to being a corporate speaker whose messages are enhanced using a touch of magic, he is also a magical emcee at conferences and symposiums, and a magician-mentalist who makes your corporate parties and events more memorable.


Blending art and science, Alex combines his 15 years of experience as an IT engineer and his 10+ years studying the arts of magic and mentalism at the McBride Magic & Mystery School (Las Vegas,) by whom he's been named Ambassador in 2018.

Even if he creates illusions daily, he still happens to fall for them. That’s why Alex loves to inspire his participants to surpass daily illusions, whether sensory or cognitive, and to develop new skills, in decision-making, leadership, or team work (face to face or online using digital tools.)


His latest creations are the online version of his up-close magic show The Secret Room, and his video series de-SI-sive, Illusion and Decision where he explores the traps laid by our brain when making decisions.


You discover more about his journey into the art of magic on his website that is dedicated to the art.