Let's meet digitally to boost-up your event and inspire your guests with interactive talks.

Alex Si is one of the first corporate speakers, and probably the first magician-mentalist in Belgium and in France who offered his talks and shows live and online during the pandemic.

Since March 2020, he leveraged these times of physical distancing and online meetings to adapt his talks and performances of magic and mentalism, and to share them digitally and live.


You think it is impossible for an online talk to be as exciting as in real life? Think again!


Alex provides online experiences that are dynamic, fun and inspiring. Again and again, participants of his online and live events have been delighted.

Whether you want to to learn, discover, and be enlightened through edu-taining talks, boost-up your meetings, or just to get fun and inspiration, Alex can help you.


Discover below how reactions and testimonials he received during events, as well as a team-building program.

You can also discover the recording of a webinar (in French) about the traps laid by your brain when making decisions that he shared with a community of entrepreneurs.

Do you want to receive similar comments during your events?

Discover the recording of a webinar (in French) about the traps laid by your brain when making decisions that he shared with a community of entrepreneurs :

Do you want a tailored talk to make better decisions?


In October 2020, Alex created a show for TEDxVilvoorde, an online event.
Even if the show wasn't streamed live, Alex nonetheless made it a point of honor to make it interactive!

“The webinar given by Alex was super interesting from beginning to end.

Thanks to the highlighting of cognitive biases that our brain is subjected to, we were able to understand what are the pitfalls to avoid in decision making.

Essential concepts for any business that wants to be successful and disruptive!”

“Thank you Alex Si for the great performance you gave at our workshop.

You kept us entertained and showed us a memorable example on how to keep the audience on their feet.

The work you put into your craft has made you a natural at giving such performances, it's like you were born for it!”

“We have had the pleasure to organize a mind-blowing webinar on decision making with Alex.

This event was much more than just learning about the cognitive biases interfering in our decision making. It was a funny and fascinating presentation.

As of the first moment of the presentation Alex captivated the attention of the audience and transported us in his world.

Alex uses his magician skills to approach the cognitive biases by experience, which makes learning appealing. We spent one hour out of time and out of confinement.

This presentation has had a long term impact on the way we approach different situations when it comes on decision making.

Thank you Alex 😊

“I invited Alex to be part of TEDxVilvoorde at a time when, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, I had to redesign the event to an online experience.

I needed someone that could not only bring a level of entertainment in-between the TEDx talks, but also fit it in the 'What the future?!' theme.

Alex not only delivered to what I needed; he excelled in the task.

With his experience as a speaker, speaker coach, and event host, he knew exactly what I needed and delivered two theme based shows; he came fully prepared to the recording studio and delivered it as a professional.

His shows fit like magic in-between the talks, not only by content but also by connecting what came before and after his part.

Feedback from the participants was unanimously positive. Alex knew how to captivate and engage with the audience through the lens of the camera and make them wonder.

Thank you Alex, you came highly recommended and I will not hesitate to ask you again, or to recommend you myself.”

“Thank you for the impressive performance, it was magical!

It was inspiring, entertaining and at the same time you give very practical tips & tricks for an effective online presentation, the total package.

Would love to hear your backstory someday btw :)”